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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cloning HDD perfectly - Acronis Migrate Easy

That time I already had a computer shop.
Because of there are many that order computers, I searching for a way to fastering time when installing programs and OS to HDDes. There are someone say just Ghost it! After I search it, I got Norton Ghost. But there is a problem, Norton Ghost can’t clone SATA HDD. Then I made a thread at CHIP Forum Thread:Ways to copying HDD. I got the answer there, there are someone say use Acronis Migrate Easy. That I time I use v7 and it does support SATA HDD.

(+) If cloning to a new HDD/formatted, clone process running faster.
(+) Easy to use, just need few clicks.
(-) If cloning to a used HDD/unformatted, clone process running slower.
(-) There are some program that need to be re-register (that time just Adobe Photoshop CS2 that needed to be re-registered/cr*ck).


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