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Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Tutorial]Recovering ASUS 1015PEM eeePC System with Embedded Windows 7

Years, yeah you could say it's been years since my last post. I admit it myself. :( I don't know where I'm going or doing. But I just get more busy these time on Senior High School class. So that's why I didn't post anything here that long. Anyway, I'm going to share a little but very useful tutorial for you who are using Asus eeePC.

Step by Step Recovering Asus 1015 PEM eeePC System with embedded windows 7 Starter

Today I got another work with an ASUS eeepc 1015 PEM Clam shell design from my school teacher. The eeePC got virus in the system and can't be recovered anymore, so I suggest him to re-install the fresh Windows. But when I asked him about the the recovery disc/windows 7 Starter disc, he said that there are no any disc in the package when he bought it. He just show me with some applications installer that stored in the D: drive, but that's not even driver or the image of windows 7 starter disc.

Silly me, I asked him to re-check it again at home. But nothing, and then I asked him to call to the seller. and the seller said it's there, inside the netbook..
I get myself to searching for what is inside this netbook package on Google. Some said there are CD, some not.. =="

Then I get myself to Google about video review on unboxing the eeePC ASUS 1015PEM and found out

From that video I found out How to boot into the embedded Operating System installer (by pressing F9 when starting the netbook), actually I'd read about it somewhere before but I forgot. :hammers.

Let's get back to the business:
1.Start your eeePC F9,
3.Fail! I got myself into windows 7 boot manager.

I tried each Function key on the boot (F) n got F2 to enter the BIOS. By pressing F2 on boot, the Bios logo screen will show up and there are some options came up either, like the F9 the recovery option. Bingo!

So the right steps should be:
1. Start your eeePC
2. press F2, wait few seconds until the BIOS logo shown,
3. then press F9, the screen should be showing "Windows is loading files . . ."
Now it's going load the recovery system/windows 7 starter,
5. choose English n hit the arrow
6. press Recovery
The system will start the process to install fresh windows 7 to you ASUS 1015PEM eeePC, so just follow the next steps shown. It's just like the usual windows 7 installation.

The screenshot will be updated later :)

It will delete all data in partition C:
, but the D: partition itself is safe in my experience. But to be sure, I backuped all files in D: to another media just in case. :D

Hope this simple tutorial helps answer your question ^.^ :
How to re-install windows 7 on Asus 1015PEM
Step-by-Step installing windows 7 Starter OEM on ASUS 1015PEM
How to install fresh windows to ASUS 1015PEM


Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for your help on this one dude !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, even the official recovery guide on Asus' website wasn't specify that F9 had to be pressed AFTER the F2. You saved my day :)

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