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Monday, June 22, 2009

New Videos! make a Long Time No Post..(Sorry)

Hello all,
And Sorry Everyone.
I was making a new Simple Short 3D Animation Video. So I'm currently place all my time there for this week. However the video are goint to finish today.
So, wait my post.

But, before you close this Tab/Window, please continue reading a little more.^^
The video I currently making is using the last character at the previous video I made.
So you can see my video for a while, even it's not really making sense.

That video was made, because I want to make a checkpoint on my 15th to 16th birthday, about how far a 15th years old boy in making 3d animation.
And the 2nd video will be about The day my Character taking a report of School Last Exam(Ujian Negara).
Wanna know more, you can talk with me by Chatbox! ^^

Thanks for reading, and also Watching


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