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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Navigaya ~ Surf the Web with Style n Relax

Hello all,

Navigaya is a someking Web 2.0 site, wchich intergating Flash made browser in our browser. When we enter the full-screen mode, we'll feel like we're not in our usual browser and will be very focused in surfing with relax.

It's integrated with futuristic/coolest interface for a browser, music, video, etc..

Inside Navigaya, we will find a search box which search from several search engine, like google, yahoo, ask, and etc. The box can be moved to right for opening a website. And left to search musics and videos from Youtube.

However the flash-made browser in navigaya load a lot of things, it will keep playing music from youtube in the background. So, you need a slightly fast internet connection.

Try it now :-->


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