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Monday, February 11, 2008

Star Wars Movie in TEXT

"Hey guys, I got some new hidden video in XP. Star Wars Movie in TEXT,
which animated with TEXT."

To access a really cool starwars video made completely out of text, folow these instructions.(do not type ")
1) open run.
2) type "telnet" and hit enter
3) type "o" and hit enter
4) wait for it to load (5 secs) then type "" and hit enter sit back, wait a lil and watch the magic :P

Enjoy the Video

Taken from


James Tymann said...

Thats not really a feature of XP, essentially you are connecting to a server that is playing the movie for you.

mickeel said...

Yeah, that's right. But, it tested only at XP. So I call it a feature in XP.

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