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Friday, July 20, 2007

Removing Icon Label / Name

TIPS - If you have too many icons on your desktop, you memorized your icon(s) name, and it's make your desktop look messy. Then, you want to make it neater you can try one of my tips that I get from CHIP mags. This tips can makes your icon be no name, if before previously you try to rename your file with just a "space", then “enter/return" it's useless, because it will back to the previous name.

Follow these steps:
1) Select one of icon on your desktop
2) Right-click, Rename or "F2"
3) Press & Hold "alt"
4) Type "0160" at your Numeric Pad
5) Release "alt"
6) "Enter/Return"

Your icon name will be blank and your desktop will look neater.
Not only at desktop, can it also be used in folders. Folder name will works too.

NOTE: If you trying this on notebook it will be more difficult, because notebook have no numpad. But some notebook does, it’s be one with your keyboard. Like mine notebook Toshiba 2450, the numpad can be activated with "Fn+F11".
Then my numpad activated with:
"m=0, j=1, k=2, l=3, u=4, i=5, o=6, 7=7, 8=8, 9=9". "=" mean become.
You can check your notebook "fn" function at the manual or ask to your notebook Customer Service.

You can copy it to other by copying the "space" that we made from these steps, and then paste it to other files/folder.


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